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Tax is like any other cost in your business. It should be managed effectively to ensure you don’t pay any more than you absolutely have to.

At KPI we zone in on your business specifics, the way it operates, the current position of your business and your businesses likely needs in the future to develop innovative solutions to achieve the most effective tax outcome for you.

When businesses anticipate and manage their tax liabilities, their cash flow improves, their risk of ATO audits reduces, and their profits ultimately go up. A stronger business means a lower risk profile, greater valuation, lower interest rates and a myriad of other benefits.

Financial Data, Analysis and Reporting

Financial Data, Analysis and Reporting is crucial for business performance and driving growth. KPI Business Advisors understand powerful performance comes from focus and agility.

Before smart business decisions can be made, financial data needs to be entered accurately and cleanly. Clean financials are vital for loan approvals, cashflow forecasting, tax lodgements and importantly peace of mind. Successful businesses are able to adapt and change with uncertain times as obtaining financial snapshots can only be produced by real time reporting. Giving you cashflow confidence is important to us. Preparing budgets, cashflow forecasts and following up with personalised meetings with our advisors to discuss the outcomes gives you financial wisdom to accelerate your business growth.

Let’s get started with cleaning up financials, analysing KPI’s and industry benchmarks and creating a strategy forward to achieve your goals.

We understand the importance to report profitability on divisions, products, locations, turnover per area, client sectors, liquidity, average receivable debtor days, staff, lead conversions and many more performance areas that are individual to your business.

KPI Business Advisory can alleviate all the stress from running the business. We optimise your systems to ensure your security is protected, you can work from anywhere, anytime, access up to date data, analyse your clear and simple reports and sleep at night with all compliance taken care of. We let you get back to focusing on what you do best.

Taxation and Compliance Assurance

Our team at KPI Business Advisory are compliance confident. That means you don’t need to worry about the integrity and accuracy of your data as we have it covered. Our calendars are full of lodgement dates and we’re in touch with you to ensure your lodgements are all reported on time.

Everything is processed by our Accountants and Xero experts in the most efficient time frame and with the most efficient e-signature and secure file sharing systems making the process simple and stress free for you.

  • IAS & BAS

  • Payroll Tax

  • Work-cover

  • Birst

  • LSL

  • Superannuation

  • Single Touch Payroll

  • Job-keeper & other Government grants

  • Financial year Individual, Company, Trust, Partnership Tax Returns.

Accredited Xero Training, Payroll and App Specialists

Xero Accounting software is our expertise for your bookkeeping and financial reporting. In 2012, our founder, Kristen Kubank was accredited as the 1st Xero training provider for SA/NT. With degrees & qualifications in Accounting and Education, we have built a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable Accountants that can deliver the best Xero & app training by Zoom, face-to-face or group setting.

As Xero experts and Xero app integration specialists, we are highly skilled team who are proficient in all of the following that enable the most accurate data entry and solutions for many industries:


  • Xero Accounting bookkeeping & Training.

  • Xero Practice Manager.

  • Xero Reporting.

  • ReceiptBank & HubDoc for automated expenses.

  • Deputy for payroll.

  • Unleashed for inventory management.

  • Kounta, Vend & Unleashed for inventory management/point of sale. 

  • ServiceM8, BuildXact, WorkflowMax & SimPro for tradies job management.

  • Actionstep and Leap for Trust Accounting.

  • Paypal, E-way, Pinch, Go-Cardless and more for getting paid faster.

We’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of these Xero integrated apps to make your solution streamlined. If you would like us to setup, audit or provide an outsourced bookkeeping solution, we would be more than happy to provide you exceptional value and service in a timely, cost effective manner.

Business and Growth Strategy Services

We focus on looking at your business from a different perspective and help you understand the key drivers that increase productivity and profitability.

The first step is to analyse what you want to gain from your successful business. What is your big picture goal, how do we break this down and report on achievable milestones? KPI’s need to be established in lead and lag measures with accountability and transparency on the reporting process. Would you like more information how to do this? Let’s get started, we’re happy to give you a free hour chat to review your organisational structure. The key drivers of business value are consistent, upward trending true profit and solid fundamentals with your team, systems and processes and your customers. To build a sellable business, it is ideal to have great customers providing repeat revenue, connecting with strong team members or the brand, good supplier relationships, a UVP (unique value proposition) and the business doesn’t rely on the owner.

Focus on doing the non-financial things first and the financials will follow.

  • Business Plan

  • Strategy sessions for UVP, critical success factors, marketing plan and KPI’s

  • Job Cost Management

  • Cashflow and Budgeting

  • Tax minimisation


"I needed help to straighten out some errors in coding, processing and reporting within my Xero account. The KPI team was amazing - quick to trace, correct and identify the errors, and very professional and patient in her approach and explanations.  I am very grateful for the assistance, which resulted in a tidy set of financial reports, adjustments to transaction recording, and completion of my latest BAS - all in one session! Thank you  KPI - you are awesome!"

—  Amanda, AMW Business Growth.



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