Introducing the new look Xero App store

Last week, Xero unveiled the new look Xero App Store. It’s their App Marketplace reimagined – where small businesses go to discover and buy Xero connected apps to help them grow their business.

What's the Xero app store?

It's no small secret that Xero's vision is to become the most insightful and trusted small business platform in the market, and they're on a mission to get more of their apps in the hands of small businesses. Why? Because they know that apps support increased revenue and resilience. In fact, Xero’s report, The Job Ahead: Small businesses and the global economic recovery, revealed firms in Australia, New Zealand and the UK with five or more apps grew their sales by 4.3% in the year to December 2020, while those without apps saw a decline of 3.4%.

Yet, a lot of small businesses still aren’t making the most of Xero's apps. For many, the choice can be overwhelming, while others don’t know what’s available, or lack the time to find out. The Xero App Store solves this challenge by making it easier for small businesses to discover and choose the right apps to run their businesses.

What’s new?

Xero have made a number of changes to the design layout of the storefront to make it easier to navigate and find the right apps to solve your business’ unique challenges. But it’s what’s under the hood that is much more exciting.

Improved search capability

With improved search capabilities and personalised recommendations, powered by machine learning, the new Xero App Store uses insights to surface the right apps for you, based upon your industry and unique profile.

Choose the right app through enhanced app reviews and greater insights

Xero have added more detailed and relevant app reviews to help you decide on the right app. Sophisticated analytics have also been introduced to support app developers to improve their offerings.

Buy the right app through a new Xero App Store Subscriptions offering

The new Xero App Store makes it possible to start a trial and securely purchase apps in just a few clicks, all using your single Xero login. And to make life even easier, you can manage all of those subscriptions in one place.

A more seamless experience

With so many types of apps, to support everything from ecommerce to cash flow management, and industry-specific needs, Xero know it’s important for they help make the right choice of app easy.

For example, The Xero App Store displays a selection of apps for Kristen, and the new, more comprehensive reviews (based upon other Xero users’ feedback) assists her in filtering through the multitude of options presented to her. Better yet, once she’s shortlisted her favoured apps, she is then able to trial each app before committing to a purchase. Once Kristen is ready to purchase, she can do so with a few clicks using her Xero credentials (and without leaving the Xero App Store) – and she’ll be able to manage all of her app subscriptions within Xero.

We believe this new customer experience will help make Xero an even stronger small business platform to succeed on. If you need help selecting the best fit apps for your business, please call our team on 1300 001 132 for help or contact us via our website.

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