Give your business a technological edge.

Smart Steps: To give your business a technological edge.

Following these simple technology strategies can make running a business a lot easier and improve profitability.

Check out the digital options.

By now, your business should have embraced cloud-based technology and all of the added benefits it brings. In terms of accessing data and business information, it allows you to do it anytime, anywhere.

If your business is not using Xero and job costing apps such as Simpro, Service M8, Workflow Max and Geo-Ops, then we highly recommend taking an hour to scope out the massive benefits these tools will provide you.

It’s all about cloud stacks, removing data entry time, accessing data when you need it and getting paid faster.

So, what’s next?

In a fast-moving tech world, small businesses should always be reviewing their current technology, systems and processes. Are you leveraging the full impact of social media with a considered strategy?

Could you use business apps at a time when tablets are taking over from desktops? Remember, it’s all about streamlining your business operations.

What’s the point of still using a shoe-box? Ditch it. It’s costing you.

A Xero survey conducted last year revealed three out of four Australian businesses still store some of their invoices and receipts in shoe-boxes.

An average Australian business can produce one hundred receipts and invoices a week, thereby compiling a high paper stack.

KPI uses Receipt Bank for their clients as it links with Xero, codes the data automatically and stores a PDF of the receipt in your system.

This saves data entry time, requires no printing and helps eliminate ink, paper, folders and storage space usage. Let Cloud Technology do the hard work for you.

Take advantage of online payment tools.

We all know “cash is king” and every business benefits from being paid onetime or upfront. If you’re not utilising seamless tools such as online invoices and payment gateways such PayPal, Stripe, E-Way and Square then you’re making payment hard for yourself.

By linking the gateway on your Xero invoices, clients will receive the online invoice, click on pay now and enter their credit card details so you get paid immediately.

Slow paying customers? Send them friendly automatic reminders from Xero. Online invoices can tell you the date and time your customer opened and viewed their invoice, Secure, seamless integrations are crucial to your business cash flow. Spend more time on your business rather than chasing customer payments.

Consider seamless job and project management systems.

Seamless software tools can dramatically change the way your work flows. If you’re not utilising the following tools, you’re making jobs harder than they should be:

  • Service Management – Delivering prompt, reliable service that wows your customers every time.

  • Project Management – Keep your projects and your profits on track from start to finish.

  • Asset Maintenance – Monitor and manage preventative and reactive maintenance.

  • Stock Management – Ensure your team gets what they need, when they need it, at the correct price.

  • Estimating – Generate accurate quotes and estimates fast. Get them out on time and win more business.

  • Scheduling – Get the right people to the right places and on time – every time.

  • Price import lists – Immediately add materials to quotes and jobs after importing catalogues to your system.

  • Business Reporting – Get clear, actionable information on every bit of your business.

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